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Q. Is your software HIPAA compliant? Yes. Of course. One’s HIPAA compliance ultimately depends on *what else* one does with the collected patient information–a review/feedback system is typically just one part of a healthcare company’s communications infrastructure.

But yes, we consider all communications within our platform *besides* reviews (which patients must agree to share publicly) to potentially contain “protected health information” or PHI in the language of HIPAA. Therefore, it’s bank-level encryption and strict non-storage of private messages for everything else:

Q. Why should I use your software? Your online presence can significantly help or hurt your business. The stats don’t lie. 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business and 88% say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Our reputation management software improves how you look online so that people choose you over the competition. 

Q. How does your software help me to get positive reviews but not negative ones? Our reputation management software provides a funnel through which all your customers are encouraged to provide feedback through a simple interface of your choosing. The system then asks unhappy customers for a second chance to redeem your service prior to posting a negative review. Happy customers are lead through the process of posting their positive feedback on any of the review sites you select.

Q. Do I need a website to use your software? No, our customer review management system provides a custom landing page for your business from which you direct customers to make reviews on the sites that matter to you. That said, having a website and social media accounts will allow you to leverage the full power of our reputation management software by sharing and feeding positive reviews to your website.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract? Absolutely not. We like you a lot, but we’re not ready for a commitment right now. So how about we just win you back every month with an awesome product and service? Sound fair? Of course, it would make us sad to see you leave us. 

Q. Is there a free trial available? We do not offer a free trial of our reputation management software. 

Q. How does your Reputation Management software work? After an office visit, you can send a patient a review solicitation. Depending on the method of sending that you choose, the patient will receive a message via email or text message, shortly after sending. You can send the messages manually or upload them to be sent in bulk. The message contains a simple greeting from you and requests that the patient clicks on a link to leave you feedback about their visit. 

We highly recommend viewing our short walk through demo to see firsthand how the software works. 

Q. What is the success rate of review solicitations? The success rate depends on a number of factors, including your industry, the volume of patients you see weekly, and whether you’re sending email or text message solicitations. In general, you can expect over 50% of those solicited to open the message, with about 10% of those leaving both recommendation feedback and a positive review. In general, text solicitations are more effective than email solicitations.  

Q. Does your software provide a ROI report? While the value of a new positive review will vary for each business, as well as the time savings you will receive, our software does provide robust, transparent, reporting. Everything from the number of reviews received, the rating, and what was said in the review. We also make all of the statistics behind you review solicitation campaigns, sends, received, opens, and link clicks, available as well. This ensure you know the results you’re receiving, what’s working, and what’s not.

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